Starting Power

Lithium batteries provide a reliable emergency starting power solution for vehicles, motorcycles, farming machines etc. with outstanding advantages in high discharge rate, reliable safety, long service life etc.

Agriculture Machinery Start

agriculture machinery

Under the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development, the agricultural machinery industry is gradually developing towards new energy sources. In order to ensure that such agricultural machinery has sufficient power sources, it is necessary to optimize the application performance of energy supply batteries. Lithium starting power source for agricultural machinery has superior performance, safety and reliability, wide temperature range adaptability and high IP68 protection level so that it can still be used in harsh environments and extend the driving time of agricultural machinery.

It can be widely used in agricultural machinery, tractors, automobiles, trucks, ships, diesel generators, forklifts, bulldozers and other construction machinery. It can fully replace lead acid batteries and also be used for emergency start and is light and portable.

Vehicle Emergency Start

vehicle emergency start

Lithium vehicle emergency starting power supply is used in the situation that a vehicle can not be started due to power loss or other reasons. As a replacement for conventional lead acid batteries, the high temperature range makes it highly adaptable to the environment. It has a high capacity retention rate and can still work normally if it is not used for a long time.

It is light, compact, and portable. Its weight and size are only 1/10 of the traditional lead acid emergency power supply. The inbuilt ultra high rate discharge battery and safety protections can realize instantaneous high current rate discharge and start the vehicle easily. It can also realize functions such as air pump, emergency power supply, and outdoor lighting.

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