Stacked ESS Battery

The stacked ess battery is modular with 5kWh increments, providing a capacity range of 10-50 kWh per stack. This allows easy future expansion, indoor mobility and space saving. It is built by lifepo4 batteries with high energy density and long cycle life and can support communication function. With multiple mounting ways it is space-saving for all kinds of installation and ideal for household backup energy storage for emergency use. To serve evolving load requirement, modular design can fit your energy demand of today and tomorrow.

Key Benefits:

    • Fashion floor standing design, mobility moving for use in any corner in the house.

    • Ultra reliable lithium iron phosphate battery technology, large capability and long life for all high power output applications.

    • Flexible stackable design, easy to install and operate, optional 10Kwh~50Kwh according to your electricity demands and budget.

    • Intelligent BMS supports communications Can/RS485/RS232 and compatible with 99% inverters on the market.

    • Built in accurate coulomb counter (LCD display), ON/OFF Switch, handles, bracket and movable base.

    • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-contaminating, no rare metal.


Energy Storage: Solar-wind power system / city grid (On/Off) / community and family / RV motorhome /golf carts battery / boat marine yachts / electric skateboard / vehicle. Back-up System and UPS: telecom Base / CATV system / computer server center / medical instrument / military equipment. security and electronics / mobile POS, mining light / torch / LED light / emergency light / LED backup /engine starting battery etc.

Items Specifications
Model S51.2V100Ah S51.2V200Ah
Energy (Kwh) 5 10
Nominal Voltage (V) 51.2 51.2
Nominal Capacity (Ah) 100 200
Charge Current (A) 100 200
Charge Cutoff Voltage (V) 58.4±0.2 58.4±0.2
Discharge Current (A) 100 200
Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V) 36.8±0.2 36.8±0.2
Battery Chemistry LiFePO4 LiFePO4
Display LCD LCD
Terminal M8 M8
Case Material Metal Box Metal Box
Communication Mode RS485/CAN RS485/CAN
Operation Temp. Charge 0-45℃, Discharge -5-55℃ Charge 0-45℃, Discharge -5-55℃
Cycle Life ≥ 6000 cycles, 80% DOD ≥ 6000 cycles, 80% DOD
Color White Black, White
Accessories Pulley base, parallel cables, communication cables, user manual Pulley base, parallel cables, communication cables, user manual
Stackable Energy (Kwh) 5 10 15 25 10 20 30 50
Dimensions (mm) 640*450*180 640*450*345 640*450*510 640*450*840 690*590*287 640*450*430 640*450*580 640*450*880
Weight (Kg) 60 108.5 157.5 255.5 91.5 168 244.5 398
stacked ess batteries
stacked ess battery system application

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