Intelligent Electronics

The trend in electronics is clearly towards intelligence, mobility and convenience. Due to high energy density, flexible design, safety and longer runtime than other types of batteries lithium ion batteries are rapidly replacing Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd as the preferred power source for intelligent electric devices.


medical/healthcare devices

Medical equipments are gradually developing towards miniaturization and portability to meet mobile work such as on-site rescue and patient transfer. Lithium ion batteries have the advantages of high energy density and wide operating temperature range, which enable medical treatment to meet the requirements of fast, portable, lightweight, and mobility. It is widely used in monitors, ventilator, anesthesia machine, physical therapy, rehabilitation equipment, etc.


consumer electronics

Consumer electronics is clearly becoming intelligent, portable, flexible, and convenient. Appliance manufacturers are increasingly requiring smaller size, lighter weight, longer runtime and more convenience into their products.

Thanks to characteristics of high energy density, safty, flexible design, and longer running than other kinds of batteries, lithium ion batteries have made this chemistry more suitable for consumer devices. They are fast replacing Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd cells as the preferred power source used on these devices and have quickly taken over the consumer electronics market in the last few years. These applications include smart phones, wearables, bluetooth, toothbrushes, mobile video recording, tablet pc, laptop computer and other products with the characteristics of light weight, compact size and portability.

Our customers can rely on us to get advanced power solutions and full services including custom battery/charging engineering, prototyping, testing, approvals, transportation and mass productions.


industrial equipment

Industrial equipment tends to have different battery requirements than consumer products due to power needs, safety, operating environment conditions etc. With comprehensive expertise and extensive experience in the industry we can offer complete power solution to meet users' increasing demand for reliability, intelligence, mobility and convenience of industrial equipments.

Our team has designed powerful and reliable power solutions for lots of industrial applications. They include industrial robot, measurement instrument, power tool, GPS, image capturing, utility metering, mining light etc.

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