Climate change, energy and environmental issues are long term issues facing human society. Governments and organizations in major countries around the world have set strict vehicle emission standards aimed at reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and exhaust emissions on the global climate and environment in the transportation sector. Due to the problems of exhaust gas pollution and fossil fuel consumption, traditional fuel vehicle transportation is increasingly subject to legal restrictions and facing great pressure for energy conservation and environmental protection. Environmentally friendly electric transportation is witnessing tremendous development.

Electric Vehicle

electric vehicle

Electric vehicles use lithium ion batteries as an energy source and convert electrical energy into mechanical energy through components such as controllers and motors to control the speed of the electric current. It is in line with the trend of national energy conservation and environmental protection, and gradually replaces traditional fuel engines and lead acid battery powered cars, playing an important role in the national economy.

Motorcycle is a common tool for medium and short distance transportation. Due to the advantages of environmental protection, low cost, low noise and easy control, lithium ion battery powered motorcycles are becoming more and more popular and are replacing lead acid battery powered motorcycles. It is equipped with a brushless motor with high torque output and maintenance. The product is environmentally friendly as it cuts off the traditional chemical conversion process, eliminates major pollution, and has high quality, long service life, high capacity and good low temperature starting performance.

Electric bicycles are gradually developing in the direction of lightweight and standardization. Lithium battery electric bicycle is an innovative and revolutionary means of transportation. It has a stylish, lightweight, foldable design with a built-in high capacity, safe, eco-friendly lithium ion battery that fits in the trunk of a car. Its characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection and low energy consumption are in line with the trend of future development. The concepts of sharing electric bicycles, replacing rider batteries and green travel are gradually entering people's lives.

Electric sightseeing vehicles powered by lithium batteries are more environmentally friendly and less polluting than traditional fuel-powered cars. They are widely used in tourist attractions, hotels, industrial zones, stations, terminals, airports, stadiums, schools, parks, and playgrounds. The built-in battery adopts high-performance lithium ion battery, which has long battery life and long service life. It can be used in special high or low temperature environments, supports fast charging and fast release, and has great power, safety and reliability.

As a device to help people with reduced mobility and the disabled, electric wheelchairs are an important means of transportation for the disabled. It can be used in hospitals and homes, and uses lithium power batteries as a driving energy source. The battery is lightweight, small, adaptable, easy to install and remove, has high energy density, high durability, and supports climbing hills and stairs, which need high rate discharge.

Autonomous Robot

agv robots

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) intelligent robot systems such as AGV handling robots and AGV trolleys, patrol machines, welcoming guests, service machines, express sorting robots, etc. are replacing labour. Its advantages are highly autonomous system, high safety, low maintenance costs, and wide application range. It can replace labour to complete some special tasks or even replace workers.

AGV robots are inbuilt with high power and high safety lithium batteries, which support high rate charge and discharge and has higher energy density and endurance. The robot intelligent system can also support multi-interface communication, data communication and control.

Marine Power

electric boat

We are committed to providing safe and reliable power solutions for the marine industry. Compared with traditional lead acid batteries, lithium ion battery solutions have significant advantages such as lightweight, compact size, high power, long life, safety and environment friendly. With years of industry experience and unique battery technology, we can provide lithium-based propulsion power, UPS and emergency backup solutions for offshore commercial projects such as commercial vessels, water taxis, tugboats and ferries.

Air Power

air power

Electric aircraft uses electric propulsion systems. Aviation equipment batteries must be able to withstand climate and other environmental changes and have long travel distances, but be lightweight and compact in size. We are committed to developing lithium battery solutions with high energy density and convenient maintenance for the aviation industry.

The batteries can operate in a variety of temperatures, humidity and pressure, can be used as backup power for aircrafts, and can also be used as emergency power in the event of power system failure. It has a light weight, energy saving and more compact design. It is easy to maintain, minimizes noise and vibration, and reduces exhaust emissions. If integrated with solar energy, it can also store solar energy during the day and release stored energy at night, reducing fuel consumption and saving costs.

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