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  • May 29, 2023
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High demand for portable outdoor power supplies after the pandemic

portable outdoor power supply

According to datas, the participation rate in outdoor sports in China was only 10% before the pandemic, but has rapidly increased to more than 28% in the past two years. More than six-in-ten of them participate in outdoor sports more often than once a week. People are realizing the charm of the outdoors, stepping out of their homes and into the mountains, feeling the pure experience that nature brings.

This process is inseparable from the power support of various equipments. As a low-carbon green small energy storage device with built-in lithium ion batteries, outdoor power supply has attracted more and more attention with the popularity of outdoor activities, and consumers have shown four trends in the purchase of outdoor power supply.

1. High demand for long-lasting, low-carbon, sustainable power supply

In outdoor activities, most people worry that in an emergency a shortage of power supply may result in the inability to charge necessary equipments such as communication and lighting. Nearly half of the people also worry that they will not be able to provide temporary power supply for emergency situations when the car stalls. Nearly ninety percent of users say sustainable power supply is important for outdoor activities. From cooking appliances such as induction cookers and rice cookers, to digital products such as computers and mobile phones, to lighting tools such as camping lights, immersive outdoor experiences require a variety of electronic devices.

According to the survey, more than 60% of users tend to spend two days and one night of deep outdoor activities, and the power consumption time is 12-48 hours, so the durability of power supply is put forward with high requirements, and more than 60% of consumers will pay attention to the size of battery capacity in the product parameters of outdoor power supply. With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, nearly ninety percent of users hope to apply green energy in their lives, and more than eighty percent of users are willing to try to combine portable energy storage and solar panels with light-charged outdoor power supply, taking into account long-lasting and environmental protection, and realizing the continuous power generation using green energy anytime, anywhere.

2. Both output and input need fast charging

At present, with the fast charging function covering different electronic product segments such as smartphones, smartwatches, and electric shavers, most consumers also hope to use outdoor power sources for fast charging in outdoor scenarios. Outdoor power products can only meet the corresponding needs of consumers through innovative upgrades at the output end and the implementation of device fast charging function.

In addition to the output end, consumers also concerned about the charging speed of the outdoor power supply when it is input. Datas show that 82% of consumers expect outdoor power to reach full power quickly, and 44% expect charging to be completed in 2-3 hours.

3. Safe use of electricity

According to datas, 98% of consumers believe that the safety of batteries/power supplies is very important. In the use of outdoor power supplies, equipment self ignition, explosion, leakage, overheating, and water ingress caused by rainy and snowy weather are all safety hazards that consumers are concerned about.

4. Portable and lightweight, easy use

For outdoor users, tents, outdoor power supplies, cooking utensils, etc. are primary items to be considered to be carried. Facing with complex equipments over 80% of consumers believe that portable outdoor power supplies can make outdoor experiences easier, and easy to store and lightweight design is also a direction that manufacturers should pay attention to.

In specific usage, 75% of users expect outdoor power supplies to provide USB ports, followed closely by the demand for TYPE-C and wireless charging stations. The multi port charging function of outdoor power supplies can meet consumers' diverse charging needs. And 81% of users prefer to easily complete the construction of the optical charging power generation system, which also makes plug and play, intelligent link products popular.

With rapid growth of the global outdoor power supply market, market demand will also enter an explosive period. The outdoor power supply industry will continue to upgrade from product technology upgrading, green and low-carbon power supply, and humanized product design, and there is huge room for imagination.

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