Solar Power Bank

Portable, Solar Charge, Waterproof, Flashlight

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solar power bank

Portable Power Station

High Power, Multi Functional, Handheld

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portable power station


High energy/power density, low self-discharge rate, inbuilt high accuracy safety circuit, long cycle lifetime.


Reduce outside impact, incidence of quality problems and maintenance costs. Improve battery service life.


No matter cell, multicell pack, charging, customization available. One-stop solution you can rely on.


20+ years industry experience, extensive professional knowledge. Save customers' time and money.

Our Products

lithium ion polymer cell

Lithium Ion Polymer Cell

3000+ models & custom, 10mAh to 20Ah
lithium ion cylindrical cell

Lithium Ion Cylindrical Cell

Cylindrical, hard steel case, standard size
lithium ion polymer high rate discharge cell

High Rate Discharge Cell

Thin & light, high discharge rate 3C to 50C
lifepo4 cylindrical cell

LiFePO4 Cylindrical Cell

Cylindrical, hard steel case, standard size
lifepo4 prismatic cell

LiFePO4 Prismatic Cell

Prismatic, high power, hard steel case
lifepo4 polymer cell

LiFePO4 Polymer Cell

Pouch, thin & light, high capacity
lead acid replacement battery

Lead Acid Replacement Battery

Compact & light, long life, high power
custom battery pack

Custom Battery Pack

Custom cells, battery packs, chargers etc.
solar power bank

Solar Power Bank

Solar charge, universal, all in one, portable
portable power station

Portable Power Station

Emergency power, stay powered on the go
wall mounted ess battery

Wall Mounted ESS Battery

Powerwall, backup power for buildings
stacked ess battery

Stacked ESS Battery

Stackable modular capacity, easy expansion

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  • May 29, 2023

High demand for portable outdoor power supplies after the pandemic

According to datas, the participation rate in outdoor sports in China was only 10% before the pandemic, but has rapidly increased to more than 28% in the past two years...

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